TX tyres provide specialist service to Taxi fleets nationally.

Currently supplying quality tyres to a number of leading fleets, TX understand the demands for value and efficiency when maintaining a healthy Taxi operation.

Our fleet packages provide benefits in:

  • Membership to the TX Tyres loyalty group, providing generous discounts and benefits
  • Speedy, typically next day delivery nationally
  • No-quibble guarantee, promising tyre satisfaction or your money back
  • Free tyre renewal services, providing collection and recycling of used units

Taxi fleet tyres

TX offers a broad range of tyres to suit your Fleet needs. Our Freeway Supermiler / Mastertaxi Megamilers come highly recommended and provide outstanding mileage for money.

Whatever tyres you select, TX simplify the task of quality-assurance for Fleet Managers by ensuring that every unit is reliable and economical.

The reason why fleets really choose to work with TX is because we cater for their Taxi drivers’ needs. Our tyres provide guaranteed performance as recognised by the National tyre distribution association and the drivers themselves.

Fully-certified quality tyres for fleets

Our fully-certified, safe and durable products mean drivers can maximise their work-time and productivity and minimise any down-time fixing problems.

To learn more about how TX tyres make managing a Taxi fleet easier get in touch.

For free advice and orders call us on 0151 521 2121 or email us at info@txtyres.co.uk