Did you know the term ‘remould’ is not actually an industry-recognised title? Due to modern advancements of materials and technology, the contemporary system of rejuvenating a worn tyre casing is ‘Retreading’ – this has been the case for more than 25years.

Globally, Retread Tyres make up a multi-billion-dollar industry. In the commercial tyre industry, taxi trade included, Retread Tyres are well and truly here to stay!

How Safe Are Retread Tyres?

In a nutshell, the answer is VERY! Despite popular myth, Retreaded tyres are manufactured to high standards, using highly sophisticated machinery. Since January, 2004 it has been a legal requirement for Retreads to be manufactured according to ECE Regulations 108 (car tyres) and 109 (commercial vehicles tyres); which stipulates that tyres are tested to the same load and speed criteria as brand new tyres.

Did you know? 80% of the world’s airlines run on Retread Tyres!

Our Commitment to Quality  

Here at TX, we have been supplying Retread Tyres for over 45 years. Every TX Freeway Taxi & Taxi Van tyre is rigorously pressure tested to 50% more than the regular service pressure, allowing any weaknesses to be identified. The first machining process filters out only the best – and any below standard are rejected. This ensures only the most reliable and highly-durable casings are used. Our TX Freeways have each been PCO approved.

Why Choose Retread Tyres? 

It may come as a surprise to learn that the world’s biggest users of Retreads are some very familiar names; Bridgestone, Goodyear, Dunlop, Michelin, Continental Tyres, and of course TX Tyres – are all among manufacturers supplying Retread Tyres.

Retreading works and is, in fact, a more economical option for the environment! We’re so confident in our process that our TX Freeway Retreads come with –

  • 100% no quibble guarantee on Retread failure od up to 1.6mm tread depth
  • 100% no quibble guarantee on up to half the usable tread for structural failure

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