TX Tyres – Taxi tyre dealer

TX are a rare breed of taxi tyre experts with over 40 years of experience in producing and distributing high-quality, high-mileage, reliable tyres.

TX Tyres was born from Steve Callow’s passion for the Taxi industry and for ensuring honest, reliable service to Taxi Drivers and Fleet Owners, nationwide. Steve’s relentless drive for integrity stems from TX’s heritage as a Callow family business and a devotion to upholding the traditional values he was imparted.

Quality taxi tyres

In the tyre industry, only the best survive. The success of TX’s Freeway tyre range is proof of an honest, hard-working ethos blended with continuous improvement and professional production processes. TX’s rigorous tyre testing and quality assurance procedures mean superior, specialist service is matched with superior proven product-performance.

Black cab tyres

Such extensive experience means TX understand the Taxi industry’s demands inside-out – from providing black cab tyres to modern 4×4 tyres. TX also recognise the need to constantly develop. Major progress has been made in ensuring green production processes. TX minimise environmental impact firstly by recycling old units for their Freeway Tyre range, then also by using renewable power for production and finally by recycling 99% of all by-products. TX are proactively reducing the negative impact of tyres on the environment.

“Being old-school doesn’t mean you stop learning. It’s the culmination of trustworthy legacy with continuous evolution that means customers continue to choose TX tyres”. Steve Callow. TX Tyres.